KiteCam Pix From Dr.X Media

Project Date 1996

This kite is a 12.5' wing Delta. It is used to lift a 35 MM Canon Espirit Camera.

This is the remote control for the shutter. It's all hard wired and built from scratch.

This is the reel for the kite line and link. It is a regular hose reel for a garden hose. It uses a small 12vt tractor battery to supply the system.
The shutter is controlled by a automotive door lock module. (actuator)

The Kite In Flight At 600 Feet.

This is the very first pic from the project. Can you see me on the ground taking the shot? This was at 200'.

This was the second day after. I took a shot of my home from 600'. Follow the kite line down. There are cars out front.

This is just different angles at 500 feet.

This was when I first got away from home with the system. This was from a school field 1 mile away at 700'.

I have a large copy of this photo on my wall. My home is in this shot! At 700'.)

This Is the same shot at a much higher altitude. At 950', this was as high as I could go!

My Stunter! Oh yes! You can see I like flying! The stunter is a great work out! It's wing spand is 9 feet! They call it a Power Kite! It's better than working out on weights!

Hope you like!