TGB 303 RS  

Carburetor Formula For The Franco Morini 49.9cc Stock Engine to 72cc Upgraded Engine! ( Mikuni Carburetor VM 12, 13, 16, DRXST13! 

We Have Achieved The Exact Stock Formula For Our Current Proto Type 303 RS!

For All Those Scooter Shops Out There, Click Here If You Want To Hear What The Up Graded TGB 303 RS Should Sound Like! :o) Send Your Opinion To The E-Mail Address Below At The End Of This Page.

Upgrade To 72cc Performance Kit And Carburetor Tip!

Look At the Main Tool Below! This Index Drill Bit Kit Is Better Known As A Welding Torch Tip Cleaner Tool. (MAC Tools) Part# TD3M

(Snap On Tools Index Kit) Part # DB12DB

Drilling The Main Jet

50cc Drill Bit # 12 ( .021 Lean / .022 Rich )            70cc Drill Bit # 11 ( .028 Rich / .027 Lean )

Drill Bit # 11 Is My Choice For the 70cc Upgrade Kit With Performance Pipe Using This Drill Bit Index Kit From Mac And Snap On Tools!

Spotting The Spark Plug Is Crucial Thru Out This Process!!!

Warm The Engine And Run To 35 MPH Only For The First Mile! Check The Plug!

It Should Resemble The Plug Below. See The color?

( Adjusting The Main Needle Jet Clip To Get The Best Performance Is Based On What Your Engine Wants! )

Remember, This Stock Carburetor Has 5 Needle Jet Clip Settings!

Adjust As Needed To Improve Performance!

Do All Of You 303 RS Fans Want More 303RS Info!

This TGB ProtoType 303 RS Is Now At 51.2 MPH ( No Engine Seizer )

Clutch Tip! Look At Bottom Of Page!

Note: The TGB 303 RS Fuel Tank Capacity Is 1.8 US Gallons. Add 1.2 Ounces Of Oil Mix To Fuel And Calculate. (The Stock Oil Injection System) Does Not Provide Adequate Lubrication For The 70cc Upgrade)

E-Mail For Any Questions You May Have About My Modifications Regarding This Bike.

This bike is still racing in 2011! and is for sale. Asking $1200.00 USD.

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