TGB 303 RS

Certified For Over 30 Years By All Major 2 Cycle Engine Manufactures World Wide, We Have Achieved The Exact 72c.c. Formula For Our Current Proto Type 2003 USA TGB 303 RS!

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A TGB Motors USA Exclusive! 


How do we make a TGB 303 RS Faster?

We all want to go faster right?

This tip is for the 2002-06 49cc  Model only!!

If your bike is new!

[Engine Run in With Limiter is, '300 US Miles']

You Must Run in the engine first With Limiter!!

Failing to do so may result in premature engine failure!

Procedure For Eliminating The Engine Limiter Only After Run In!

This Is For The Franco Morini 49.9cc Engine Only! (Stock Engine)

The Majority Of The 303RS Model 2002-08, Were Shipped To The U.S. with this Engine.

 "Wiring Harness's May Vary With Other Engines Used On The 303 RS In Other Countries!"

Mostly with higher cc models. 


 Dr.X Media And It's Affiliates Are In No Way Responsible For The Data Specs And Or Modifications Listed Here!


 First, Remove the seat & helmet compartment.

You will see the main wire harness attached to the upper frame front cross member.

Look for the CDI Module (The Little Black Box) mounted on the main section of the frame upper front! (Held on with a rubber case.)

(The CDI Module is the CPU Controlled Ignition for the Engine (Morini 50cc)

Look for a Brown Wire coming out of the little black Box (CDI Module)

 From The Plug (Harness Side), Cut the "Brown Wire"

This will increase the 303RS Speed from 32 MPH to 40 MPH Stock!

See And Feel The Difference! (Click Here to download The MPG Video)

Click Here for a copy of the Parts Manuel (No Body Parts). (PDF Format)

Note!  Proceeding with this modification will VOID your factory warranty!

This tip does not cover all TGB Scooters!  

  Performance Kits

The 72cc Engine Upgrade Kit Is Manufactured By Hebo. Part # HR4000111 (Suzuki).

The High Performance Exhaust Pipe Is Also Manufactured By Hebo. Part # HR1000211N (Suzuki).

For InFo On Hebo:

Ctra Nacional ll Km 712,2 Nau 5A 17458 Fornells de la Selva (Spain)

Tel# +34 972476440  Fax# +34 972476340

E-Mail         Web 

Engine Kits Are The Key! The Carburetor and Exhaust Pipe Are The Key to High Performance From The Engine Kit's!

Carburetor Tuning is Essential!  

Remember, All Bikes And Engines Are Unique! 

Fine Tuning of The Stock Carburetor Main Jet is Critical! You Will Seize The  Engine If Not Calibrated Correctly. 

Want To Learn More About Tuning The Stock Carburetor For This Bike?

Click Here For Mikuni's Carburetor Super Tuning Theory Manual. (A Very Informative .PDF File) Good For All Those Scooter Dealerships Out There That Are Trying To Kit The 303RS Or Any Other Bike For That Matter. (Note) This Manual Is Not The Actual Carburetor Manual For This Bike, But!  Has The Basic Super Tuning  Know How of All Mikuni Carburetors Of The VM Barrel Type!

Click Here For Our 303RS Prototype Stock Carburetor Main Jet Modification Of The HEBO 72cc Upgrade W/ Engine Kit And Pipe!

 Variable Primary Clutch Tip. (Removing The Brass Shim) 

After removing shim, you may notice a buzzing sound coming from rear end. This is the belt bottoming out on the secondary variable. It may wear the cog of the belt out prematurely. You can purchase the racing kevlar belt from most TGB dealerships to correct this problem. You can also modify the thickness of the brass shim to accommodate the secondary variable pulley.   

Speed Gain is 5 MPH (Total Speed Now At 50.2 MPH, Stock Drive!!) 

This Bike Can be Upgraded Even Further Through MRP Racing Performance!


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